Nice to see you. We are the Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton book club, a group of people who read and discuss books on the topic of reconciliation. #RISEbookclub

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RISE – Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton is a group of citizens in the Edmonton region committed to supporting reconciliation in words & actions. Since 2015, we have worked to educate the public about the Indian Residential School system, to create virtual and physical public spaces to learn about and promote reconciliation, and to provide ways to learn about and engage with Indigenous cultures. We create spaces online and in our community for Edmontonians to talk about and take action towards reconciliation.

We are starting a RISE Book Club in this spirit. By bringing people together to read, learn, and discuss books on the topic of reconciliation we hope to continue to move reconciliation forward in our city! Join us online, get a copy of the book, and join us in person at our next book club meeting.


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The work of Marina Hulzenga appears on the RISE book club website with permission of the artist. This photograph, taken by the artist, is of deer hide that was cut into the shapes of the 140 reserves in Alberta, Canada as a part of the work entitled, Liminal Space | | Awasitipahaskan. To see more of Marina’s work visit http://www.marinahulzenga.com/ 
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